Commercial NOW Checking

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Commercial NOW Checking

Keep it simple and earn interest. This is a low-cost interest-bearing checking account that is available to select nonprofit and sole proprietorship business entities.

Features and Benefits

  • Earn interest on average collected balance
  • $2,500 average collected balance requirement
  • Free FirstLine (Telephone Banking)
  • Free Cash Management Basic (Internet Banking)
  • $5.00 monthly service charge if balance is not maintained
  • $6.00 monthly fee for paper statements
  • No activity fee for up to 50 transactions* , $0.29 per transaction over 50

*A transaction includes each check deposited and each debit. A debit includes all checks written, automatic deductions, and VISA Check Card withdrawals, transfers, or purchases.

NOTE: Any entity organized or operated to make a profit including corporations, partnerships, associations, and business trusts are not eligible for NOW accounts.