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Business eStatements/eNotices

Stay secure, save paper, and save time with this paperless option. Our free online statements and notices are a great way to help the environment and keep your financial information secure.

There is no fee to enroll, and you’ll significantly decrease the chances of being a victim of fraud or identity theft as a result of stolen documents from your mail.

Features & Benefits

  • Deter fraud and safeguard your financial data by removing the paper trail
  • Reduce clutter and save paper, eliminate excess paper on your desk
  • Conveniently manage your account online – anytime, anywhere
  • View, print, or save statements and notices
  • View, print, or save check images
  • Receive an e-mail when your statements/notices are available online


Community First Bank’s eNotices are periodic statements and/or notices that are delivered electronically. Online Banking customers need to enroll for eNotices and select which documents they want to be delivered by this method. When a statement or notice is ready, you will receive notification by email.

We offer a variety of notices/statements for electronic delivery such as monthly statements, NSF notices, chargeback notices, and more. To choose the notice/statement you would like per account follow the below instructions:

1. Go to one of your accounts via online or mobile banking
2. Click on settings
3. Find the estatement section
4. Click on advanced settings
5. Agree to the terms and conditions

Contact if you need assistance.








Click here to View the Enrollment Instructions

eNotices Enrollment Instructions

Enroll today and enjoy the convenience of receiving your statements and notices electronically. You will also be helping save the environment by reducing the amount of paper used.

Enrollment Steps for eNotices

  1. Login to your FirstNet account and click on the eNotices tab
  2. Enter an email address
  3. Enter a security tag phrase that will appear with your statement notification
  4. Click on the click here link and enter the passcode in the box
  5. Agree to Terms/Conditions

Click Enroll Now

The statement after enrollment will be delivered both electronically and by mail. After that, you will receive electronic statements only.

Please note that you must have a FirstNet account to receive your statements and notices electronically. If you do not currently have a FirstNet account, click here for a FirstNet application form. For account related questions, please log on to FirstNet and click on Contact to send a secure email to support.

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