Scams & Alerts

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Scams & Alerts

First for You. Looking out for your safety first.

We want you to be safe. That's why we have created this special section on our site to help alert you to any threats you need to be aware of. As always, if you have a concern or question, don't hesitate to Contact Us.

Below are some recent scams and warnings.

Potential Scam Alert: Don't give out personal info over the phone.

Potential Scam Alert: Don't give out personal info over the phone.

We have been made aware of customers receiving automated phone calls in which the caller claims to be from Community First Bank to review accounts and talk about COVID assistance. These calls are fraudulent, and we have reported the scam to our local police department. Please note, we will never ask for specific account information over the phone (including numbers, names and passwords). If you have any questions or concerns, or feel you may have given out personal information to someone not associated with CFB, please call your local branch directly.

Thursday, February 25, 2021
Categories: Scams and Alerts

Verizon Data Breach

It has been reported that Verizon Wireless confirmed a data breach today. It has been stated that 6 million records have been compromised, the records were logs from residential customers who have called Verizon customer service in the past six months.

Thursday, July 13, 2017
Categories: Scams and Alerts

Buckle Breach

The Buckle Inc retail store announced Friday that they were hit with a data breach in their 450 stores within the United States. It was stated that malware was found on their cash registers between October 28, 2016 and April 14 2017.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Categories: Scams and Alerts

Kmart Breach

Community First Bank recently got notification from Kmart stores regarding a data breach that involved their payment systems.  Kmart has not yet reported how many of their 735 stores were affected or the timeframe of the breach. 

Friday, June 2, 2017
Categories: Scams and Alerts