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Positive Pay

Our payment and fraud mitigation tools are designed to make it easier for you to monitor your payments so you can stay a step ahead of any threats to your business’s finances. Check Positive Pay provides early detection of fraudulent, altered, or counterfeit checks through daily verification against your check register. 

Protect your accounts with Check Positive Pay

Check Positive Pay helps prevent check fraud and strengthens internal controls by systematically comparing checks presented on your account against the checks you issue daily. It verifies check numbers, dollar amounts, and payee information and then reports discrepancies directly to you. If you identify a fraudulent check in the list provided, simply request the item be returned through the online system.

How Does It Work?

CFB will help you set up and connect the daily operations of your business to Check Positive Pay. Once set up is complete, Positive Pay begins working immediately on any checks issued through your business transactions. Simply upload your check register daily containing the details of the checks posted to your account through the Treasury Services platform.

When checks are presented for payment, we systemically compare the dollar amount, check number, and payee information to the check register file ensuring it’s a match. If the checks presented do not match, we will mark it as an exception item, and will notify you. Using the check information as well as a digital image of the check, you will need to review and decide whether you want the exception items to Pay or Return via Business Online Banking. Check images may be reversed, enlarged, emailed, or forwarded to facilitate decision-making. All exception items without a decision will be returned once the decision period ends to ensure you are protected from any fraudulent items posting.

Additional Layers of Security

ACH Positive Pay

Your business account will automatically block all ACH debits from being posted. However, upon setup you can establish specific filters on your business account if you want to allow certain ACH debits to process without interruption. Filters include Dual Approval, Stale Date, and Maximum Dollar Thresholds. If at any time you are concerned with the ACH credits posting to your account, you can also block ACH credits. You can receive alerts to your email regarding exceptions, decisions, and approvals.

You control what transactions are allowed. CFB takes care of the specifics to make it happen.

ACH Transaction Block

Prevent all ACH activity from posting to an account. This can prevent unauthorized electronic transactions from occurring on your account.

ACH Transaction Filters

Specify which ACH transaction entries should be allowed to post. You may add, modify, or delete authorization records using Business Online in a real-time environment.

Alerts & Information Reporting

Email alerts inform you of ACH activity affecting your account. You will have access to audit reports and ACH Warehouse reports with this solution.

Teller Positive Pay

This is automatically included with Check Positive Pay, it helps to identify potentially fraudulent, altered, or counterfeit check items presented at CFB branches by comparing them in real-time with the check register file. If the information does not match, the check will not be cashed.

Payee Name Match

With Payee Name Match, you will include the payee's name information in the check register file submitted to CFB. When checks are presented, CFB will systematically compare the dollar amount, check number, and payee information to the check register file to ensure information matches. This solution is beneficial in stopping fraudsters from adding a payee name when they try to cash a stolen check.  

If you have any questions, contact the Treasury Services Department at 608.943.0150 or Email.