Meet The Team

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  • Gina Goss Gina Goss Personal Banker Location: Boscobel
    Phone: 608-960-7742
  • Robin Conley Robin Conley Personal Banker Location: Boscobel
    Phone: 608-960-7744
  • Michelle Bloyer Michelle Bloyer Personal Banker Location: Muscoda
    Phone: 608-960-7741
  • Cathy Yanke Cathy Yanke Personal Banker Location: Reedsburg
    Phone: 608-495-6165
  • Kim Rabska Kim Rabska Personal Banker Location: Baraboo
    Phone: 608-448-4667
  • Sandy Lyght Sandy Lyght Personal Banker Location: Livingston
    Phone: 608-943-0171
  • Judy Kite Judy Kite Personal Banker Location: Livingston
    Phone: 608-943-0165
  • Darcy Bevan Darcy Bevan Personal Banker Location: Platteville
    Phone: 608-960-7755
  • Marlys Hennessy Marlys Hennessy Personal Banker Location: Richland Center
    Phone: 608-383-1529
  • Samantha Klein Mortgage Banker Location: Boscobel/Fennimore
    Phone: 608-960-7747
    About Samantha
    Email NMLS ID#: 1576291
  • Darcy Ewing Mortgage Banker Location: Muscoda/Richland Center
    Phone: 608-383-1521
    About Darcy
    Email NMLS ID#: 1102642
  • Pam Welch Mortgage Banker Location: Reedsburg
    Phone: 608-495-6170
    About Pam
    Email NMLS ID#: 508090
  • Matt Miller Mortgage Banker Location: Livingston/Platteville
    Phone: 608-960-7756
    About Matt
    Email NMLS ID#: 553874
  • Aaron Ewing Aaron Ewing Business Banker Location: Boscobel/Muscoda/Richland Center
    Phone: 608-960-7748
  • RyanBoebel Ryan Boebel Business Banker Location: Baraboo
    Phone: 608-448-4665
  • Jaye Lindner Jaye Lindner Business Banker Location: Platteville
    Phone: 608-960-7751
  • Dan Klahn Dan Klahn Senior Management President/CEO Email
  • Ken Schweiger Ken Schweiger Senior Management SVP/Chief Information Security Officer Email
  • Karen Wacker Karen Wacker Senior Management SVP/Chief Financial Officer Email
  • Dennis Hamilton Dennis Hamilton Senior Management SVP/Chief Credit Officer Email
  • Becky Peterson Becky Peterson Senior Management SVP/Senior Retail and Deposit Operations Officer Email
  • Tammy Nelson Tammy Nelson Senior Management VP/Human Resources Officer Email
  • Jeff Ketterer Jeff Ketterer Senior Management VP/BSA & Security Officer Email
  • Mary Janzen Mary Janzen Senior Management VP/Deposit Operations Officer Email
  • Dan Engelke Dan Engelke Senior Management SVP/Business Banking OfficerLocation: Platteville
    Phone: 608-960-7750
  • Sheila Ruchti Sheila Ruchti Senior Management SVP/Business Banking OfficerLocation: Livingston
    Phone: 608-943-0155
  • Jody Breunig Senior Management VP/Senior Mortgage Banking OfficerLocation: Baraboo
    Phone: 608-448-4666
    About Jody
    Email NMLS ID#: 553066
  • Todd Polk Todd Polk Senior Management VP/Senior Business Banking OfficerLocation: Reedsburg
    Phone: 608-495-6169
  • Shari Zenz Shari Zenz Senior Management VP/Senior Agricultural Banking OfficerLocation: Platteville/Boscobel
    Phone: 608-960-7752