Lost or Stolen Card

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Lost or Stolen Card

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

  • During normal business hours: call 608-375-4117
  • After hours: call 866-546-8273
  • Access Card Management through online or mobile banking to:
    • Lock Your Card
      You have the ability to turn a card on/off. If you toggle the switch in the corner to “off ” a screen will pop up asking you to confirm if you’d like to lock the card, deactivating one-time transactions. To turn the card back on just toggle the switch again. It is on when it says “Active” to the left and under your name.
    • Report Lost or Stolen
      Here you can turn on extra security measures when you’ve misplaced your card. Choose “My card is lost” and your card will only be able to make deposits. If you choose “My card was stolen” it will deactivate your card completely, and any one-time or recurring transactions will be blocked. To order a replacement card contact your local branch.
  • FirstLine:
    • Call into the FirstLine Telephone Banking system at 608-375-4900 or 1-800-485-2871
    • Press 2 for ATM or Check Card, Press 2 to report a lost or stolen card.

Please note: Once the card is changed to deactivated status, the status cannot be changed back and a new card will have to be ordered. Call 608-375-4117 during normal business hours to request a new card.