Electronic Notices FAQs

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eNotices Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Automatically Enrolled In eNotices?

No. You will need to enroll your accounts for eNotices. Just go to your eNotices tab in FirstNet and follow the enrollment process.

If I Open A New Account, Will It Automatically Be Enrolled In eNotices?

No. You will need to go to the eNotice tab in FirstNet and check the new account to be enabled for eNotices. You can also contact the Personal Banker at your local branch to set up eNotices for new accounts.

Why Did I Get A Paper Statement After I Enrolled For eNotices?

To ensure your eNotices are set up properly, the first statement after enrollment will produce both an electronic and paper version of the statement.

Can My eNotices Be Sent To More Than One Person?

You can set up additional recipients to receive the eNotices. This can be setup under Additional Recipients in the eNotice tab in FirstNet. You will need to assign each person a User ID and Password to access the eNotices.

How Long Are My eNotices Available Online?

The eNotices will begin accumulating once you enroll. They will be available for up to 18 months.

How Can I Keep My Statements Longer Than 18 Months?

When you view your statement, it will open in a .PDF format. You will have the option to save the document to your computer or disk.