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What to Expect

Research your options

  • Learn about the different home loans available
  • Evaluate your credit and understand your choices with our 3 Steps to Smarter Credit Decisions checklist
  • Review your loan options with online mortgage tools and calculators
  • Decide how you want to apply
    • Over the phone or in person, giving your information directly to a mortgage lender
    • Enter your information online with our online Mortgage Application and have it routed to a mortgage lender in your area

Apply for your loan

Once you’re ready to apply for your loan, gather the following information and be prepared to provide it to your lender.

Provide information for each applicant

Finalize your application

  • Your mortgage lender will complete the application and obtain a credit report for each borrower
  • Then you can lock in your interest rate, if you’re ready to do so at this time
  • At this point, your mortgage lender will let you know if you have conditional approval

Submit your supporting documents

  • Your mortgage lender will let you know what documents to bring/send in. This Home Loan Documentation Checklist can help you keep track
  • We’ll contact you if we need any other documents based on your unique situation
  • To avoid delays, gather and submit the requested documents as soon as possible

After you apply

It’s a good idea during the time your loan application is being processed to avoid making major purchases that may affect your credit.

Once your application is completed

  • A few days after your application has been approved, you’ll receive a package of important disclosure documents. Included in this package is a Good Faith Estimate and a Truth In Lending Disclosure
  • Review, sign, and return these documents
  • Your loan application will then go through the processing/underwriting and closing stages

Processing/Underwriting Stage

  • If not already done, we will order services such as the appraisal, title insurance, title work, and flood certification
  • Homeowners insurance is required to close your home loan
  • If buying a home, the appraised value on your home must match or exceed the purchase price of the home
  • If refinancing, the appraised value will help determine your maximum loan amount
  • An underwriter will review your completed loan package to make a final decision on your application
  • Upon approval, we will send you a list of conditions that must be met before you can close

Closing Stage

  • Your mortgage lender will work with you to confirm or schedule your closing date
  • We will review the title insurance binder to ensure you have clear title to the property
  • Your mortgage lender will provide your final closing figures so you can obtain the funds for your closing costs (and down payment, if buying a home)
  • At the closing, review the paperwork with your mortgage lender and sign the documents
  • If buying a home, collect your keys and move in! If refinancing, you have a three-day right-of-rescission to cancel the transaction
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