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Increased Protection for Your Accounts

Increased Protection for Your Accounts

Protecting your account is important to us.

Friday, March 2, 2018/Categories: Security

Please read for important information regarding check card transactions.

Protecting your account is important to us.  Almost daily you hear of fraud cases involving debit or check cards or the fraudulent use of a person’s account.  For your increased protection, we have placed a blocking rule on our customer’s check cards.  This block is for magnetic-stripe only cards.  If you have a EMV Chip card, this block does not apply to you.

If you have a magnetic stripe card, transactions will process as normal in the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa & Illinois.  If you are travelling outside of those four states, you will still be able to make purchases, but you will need to do them as a debit transaction (and use your Personal Identification Number – or PIN) to complete the transaction.  Using your magnetic stripe card as a credit card with a signature will NOT process if the amount is over $74.00. 

This block is only in place for stores with specific merchant codes that we have seen fraudulent activity more often.  These include: grocery stores, discount stores (i.e. Walmart), drug stores/pharmacies, electronic stores, hobby/game stores, wholesale clubs, home improvement warehouse stores, family clothing stores, shoes stores and video game supply stores.

What does this mean for you?  If you have a EMV chip-enabled card, you can make purchases as normal.  If you have a magnetic strip only card, you will need to know your PIN if you are planning to travel outside of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa or Illinois to make purchases at merchants in the categories listed above.  As the magnetic stripe cards expire, they will be reissued as EMV chip-enabled check cards. 


Please call us if you cannot remember your PIN or if you would like to request a EMV chip-enabled card.