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Verizon Data Breach

Thursday, July 13, 2017/Categories: Scams and Alerts

It has been reported that Verizon Wireless confirmed a data breach today. It has been stated that 6 million records have been compromised, the records were logs from residential customers who have called Verizon customer service in the past six months. Each record included the customer’s name, mobile number, and account PIN along with the home address, email address and Verizon account balance. Anyone with access to the records could potentially impersonate a subscriber and be granted access to their account. The breach was discovered on June 13th 2017 and then resecured on the 22nd.

No financial information was leaked in this data breach.  If you have any concerns, keep a close eye on your account and report any unauthorized transactions.  Please contact your local branch if you have any additional questions.