FirstNet FAQs

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FirstNet (Internet Banking) Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my login to something easier to remember?

Yes, after you log in, click Options. At the Options screen, you will see the FirstNet ID field listed along with the Password and Email fields. Type in the FirstNet ID you wish to use. Remember to make it something easy for you to remember. If you do forget your FirstNet ID, you can always use the 12 digit Login ID originally assigned to you.

What do I do if I can't remember my pin/password or my account is locked?

Contact Community First Bank at 608-943-0150 or if you have Password Self Reset, simply click on “Reset Password.”

How often do I have to change my pin/password?

You are required to change your Pin/Password every 180 days for security reasons. You can change it more frequently if you’d like.

Do I Need Special Software Or Hardware?

The software and hardware requirements are listed in the Online Banking Agreement and Disclosure Statement. A secure browser incorporating secure socket layer (SSL) with 128-bit encryption is currently required to establish a connection to the login screen.

If I Open A New Account Or Take Out A Loan, Will That Account Number Automatically Show Up On My FirstNet Account?

Stop into one of our locations to add any new accounts to your FirstNet Account.

What If I Enter My Password Wrong?

For security reasons, after a few unsuccessful attempts to login, your FirstNet account will become locked. You will then need to contact Community First Bank to unlock the account or proceed with the Password Self Reset if you have this set up.

Can I Reset My Password Myself?

Setup must be done before you are ever locked out or forget your password.

The PIN Reset feature will only work if these Setup Steps are completed.

  1. Login to FirstNet and click on the Options Tab at the top of the page.
  2. Enter a current email address.
  3. Complete the Password Reset Question and Answer fields. These security questions are for the FirstNet Password Self Reset process only.

Resetting Your Password

  1. Click the Password Reset link on the FirstNet Login screen.
  2. Enter your Login ID.
  3. You will be asked for your email address and a subject line for the email message you will receive. This email address must match the one you entered during Setup. The subject line will reassure you that the email is authentic.
  4. You will receive an on screen message stating an email message has been sent to you with instructions on resetting your PIN.
  5. The email message will contain a link to reset your PIN.
  6. Click on the link, enter your FirstNet Login ID, and answer the security question you entered in FirstNet Options.
  7. Your PIN will be reset to your default password. If you do not know what that is, please contact eBanking at 608-943-0150
  8. A PIN change will be required when you login to FirstNet. The new PIN cannot match one of the last 4 PIN’s you’ve used.
  9. The email/PIN reset is only good for 2 hours after it has been sent.

If I Do An Online Transfer, Will That Show Immediately On My Account?

It will on your checking and savings accounts, but not on loan accounts. You will have to go to the Current Transactions view to see it.

How Do I Transfer Funds Once Or Schedule A Monthly Transfer From One Account To Another?

In the Account Listing screen, click on the drop down arrow next to the account you want to transfer from. Select Transfers. (Remember, the transfer relationships have to be set up before you can transfer any funds.) Then click on the drop down box next to Add Transfer From. Next select the account you want to transfer funds from. And finish by entering the amount you wish to transfer and which account you want to transfer to. Then click Submit. You will receive a confirmation number. Keep this number until you have verified that the transfer was made on your monthly statement.

Can I Download The Information From The Internet To My Home Computer For Record Keeping Purposes?

Yes, you can. From the Home Banking drop down menu, click Download. There are a number of download types which can be used. We have listed the most common software next to each file extension. Select the format for your transactions by clicking on the dot next to the format you wish.

How Can I View Previous Statements?

Once you open your FirstNet account, you won't be able to view previous statements until your regular statement has been created. You will then be able to view that statement on the Internet. After two months, you will be able to view two previous statements and after three months you will be able to view three previous statements. Eighteen months is the maximum number of previous statements that you will be able to view.

How Can I Get Help Using FirstNet?

Click on the Contact button on the FirstNet Welcome page. You will then be able to send us a secure email message regarding the issue you are having. This is a secure email. A customer support representative will contact you as soon as possible.

When I Print My Statement Or Disclosure, The Far Right Column/Edge Doesn't Print.

Click on File and then Page Setup. Change the settings for the right and left margins to make them narrower. They are probably set at .75", so try changing them to .50". If you still don't see all of it when printed, keep reducing the size until the entire width of the statement will print.

If I Have Two FirstNet Logins, How Do I Switch From One To The Other?

The best way to switch from one FirstNet account to another is to use the Exit button found near the top of the screen. Do NOT use the Back button on your browser. After clicking Exit, you will be completely logged off and will then be able to login to another account, if you have two.

How Do I Set Up Electronic Statements?

  1. Login to your FirstNet account and click on the eNotices tab
  2. Click on the Details link and select the accounts and eNotices you want delivered electronically
  3. Confirm the email address
  4. Enter a security phrase
  5. Enter enrollment passcode
  6. Agree to Terms/Conditions
  7. Click Enroll Now

Is There A Cost To Have FirstNet Banking?

There is no cost to have and use FirstNet Banking for consumers.

How Do I Enroll In FirstNet Banking?

You can stop in to any of the eight Community First Bank locations or click here to enroll